We aim to play the fullest part that we can during the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 by restoring habitats over a larger area and increasing the abundance of wildlife.

Recognising the essential role of connecting people to wild nature, for the benefit of the individual and the planet, we will continue to deliver and further develop our inspirational activities with children, youths and adults.

Our priorities for 2021-2030:

  • Continue the Primary Schools programme and the Youth Camps at Cambrian Wildwood
  • Start programmes for adults at Cambrian Wildwood, including Wild Living camps and programmes for special groups, for example people in addiction recovery, asylum seekers and young carers
  • Continue activities to restore natural habitats at Cambrian Wildwood
  • Increase wildlife at Cambrian Wildwood by investigating the feasibility of reintroduction projects for species such as water vole, red squirrel, pine marten and black grouse
  • Engage with neighbouring landowners, including Natural Resources Wales, to support habitat, species and access improvements