The students embraced the experience fully and as the week went by we saw some fantastic changes . . . By the end of the week the students were a ‘tribe’ . . . This is a project that all students across Wales need to experience.

School Welfare Officer, Powys

Every summer, six groups from secondary schools and various youth support networks are invited to Bwlch Corog for a week’s Wild Camp. The Wild Camps are specifically designed for teenagers who could benefit from the deep and rewarding experience of being close to nature, learning new skills and building self-confidence. No mobile phones or any other digital technologies are permitted during the week and there is a strong focus on mindfulness and well-being. The students enjoy a five-day residential camp during which they learn practical skills such as fire-lighting, foraging for food, tracking, and cooking over a campfire as well as developing their self-esteem, relationship building skills, communication skills and self-confidence. All camping equipment is provided by us so that no student is excluded.

Thank you for my first camping experience. Thank you for the songs and for teaching me that if I’m depressed, to go to nature and the woods and they will help me.


Year 8 Student

I haven’t missed my phone once. I’ve built up lots of friendships and learnt new things.


Year 9 Student

The focus on mindfulness activities and back to nature was great to re-connect the young people with the outdoors and away from technology. The location of the site was brilliant.


Head of Year Teacher, Powys