Exciting times continue at Cambrian Wildwood!

Having gained two new staff members in the autumn, we are now recruiting for a third new member to join our team. The new role of Habitats and Species Manager will work alongside our project director, taking responsibility for site management at Bwlch Corog, monitoring habitats and wildlife, running volunteer work days, and researching species restoration feasibility. We are looking for a dynamic individual with excellent skills in working with people, experience of managing land for wildlife and of ecological monitoring, and of course, a passion for wildlife and nature restoration is a must. If this is you, find out more about the role here: https://www.environmentjob.co.uk/jobs/94090-habitats-and-species-manager

This new role has been made possible by our recent success in obtaining a number of significant grants, in particular from the Nature Networks Fund for our new project ‘Nature Connections in the Melindwr, Llyfnant, and Einion catchments’ which will begin in April 2023. We are extremely pleased to have been awarded £250,000 over 2 years, with the aims of:

1. Continuing to restore habitats at Bwlch Corog, a key site for habitat connectivity between a number of protected areas. Peatland and heath restoration will create habitat connectivity between SSSIs on either site at Pen Craigiau’r Llan and Pencarreg Gopa and increased tree cover will connect valuable woodland habitats in SSSIs in Cwm Llyfnant and Cwm Einion.

2. To continue and further develop our community and education programme, involving a wider number of local people and young people in nature connection activities and volunteering.

3. To build partnerships with neighbouring landowners who are interested in working together to benefit habitat connectivity and improve biodiversity at a landscape scale.

This exciting opportunity will allow us to continue our important habitat restoration work at Bwlch Corog, including restoring peatland and increasing tree cover. In addition, we will be able to extend our thriving people programmes – working with schools and youth groups to involve young people in nature connection activities and developing our volunteering opportunities. The final element of this project aims to build new partnerships with others in the area who are interested in working together to benefit nature.
We’re looking forward to a busy few years ahead and hope that you will enjoy following our journey and even join us for some of our activities.

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