Restoring habitats and species,
connecting people with wildlife and wild places

Cambrian Wildwood is set in the uplands of Mid Wales near the River Dyfi and the sea. It is a place and a project – restoring the habitats and species of this landscape and giving people deep nature experiences in a wild setting.

Peatland is being restored to blanket bog and upland heath. Tree cover is increasing to re-create a large expanse of native forest and wood pasture. Wild animals are returning and more introductions are planned.

The project works with groups from Primary Schools and holds Youth Camps for teenagers. Further programmes for adults and young people are starting this year. As a community resource, the wildwood is freely available for quiet enjoyment such as walking and camping, adhering to the principle of leave no trace.

Rock with sun

At last, government and business appear to be waking up to the truth that we are part of nature and that nature alone provides for our needs. The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review commissioned by HM Treasury makes the case for changing our economic system to account for this.

As the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 begins, Cambrian Wildwood aims to play the fullest part that we can by restoring habitats over a much larger area and increasing the abundance of wildlife.

Horses in woodland glade


Restoring habitats and species across the landscape

Fire by friction


Giving people wild experiences for education and connection

Aims and plans


Charity objectives and strategic plans