An answer to the ecological crisis

In this moment of ecological crisis we face a choice. We can do nothing and watch our world continue to decline, or we can work together to change the trajectory to one of hope. During this United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-30, we are urged to end the destruction of nature and direct our resources to the restoration of habitats and species. We all need to participate in repairing a damaged world and restoring natural abundance. At Cambrian Wildwood we aim to play the fullest part that we can in restoring ecosystems. Connecting people with wild nature is central to this work and provides transformative social benefits. Your support will enable us to deliver our priorities for 2021-30:

Increase the land area of Cambrian Wildwood and work with neighbouring landowners.

Continue activities to restore natural habitats.

Increase wildlife through species reintroduction projects.

Continue our successful Primary Schools programme and Youth Camps for the local community.

Build on these inspiring programmes to provide activities for a more diverse range of participants.

Business benefits

Society is changing. People are increasingly aware of what is happening to the planet and want to be part of the solution. As consumers, investors and employees, people want to make sure that their resources are not contributing to environmental problems but instead that they are helping to improve the world. This has tangible implications for businesses. We offer an opportunity for businesses to play a part in the restoration of nature by becoming corporate partners of Cambrian Wildwood. Corporate partnerships are vital in supporting our work.


There are three partnership options, named after the main trees of the Celtic Rainforest . If none of these fit your requirements and you are interested in supporting a particular element of our work, please contact us to discuss.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITSROWAN – £500 paBIRCH – £1,500 paOAK – £5,000 pa
Use of Cambrian Wildwood logoyyy
Listing on our website yyy
Your logo on our websiteyy
Media publicity about partnershipy
Planting of native trees at wildwood site1030100
Guided walk for staff or customersyyy
Wild experience at wildwood for staff or customers1 day3 days + camping
Exclusive presentation about project for staff or customersy


If you wish to support our work more generously, we can discuss an enhanced partnership arrangement tailored to your requirements.