Cambrian Wildwood is playing a leading role in ecosystem restoration in Mid Wales. The project is restoring habitats and creating the conditions for a greater abundance and diversity of wildlife to thrive. The site presently covers 350 acres (140 hectares) at Bwlch Corog in the northern part of the Cambrian Mountains. As the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 begins, Cambrian Wildwood aims to play the fullest part that we can by restoring habitats over a much larger area and increasing the abundance of wildlife.


The principles informing how our land is managed are based on these fundamental ideas:

Outcomes are led by nature, we do not set defined targets for habitats or species.

Management is minimal to allow the site to evolve naturally.

Early management interventions are to establish conditions favourable to the development of a natural ecosystem.

Artefacts such as ditches and fencing are removed to give nature a free rein and to foster the feeling of wildness.

Habitats are not compartmentalised, to allow them to evolve and interact naturally. This dynamic interplay of habitats creates diversity across the landscape and through time, and is key to the feeling of wildness and the presence of abundant wildlife.

Herbivore numbers are to be managed over the long term, to allow tree cover to increase across the site.

 Restoration in figures . . .

Trees Planted

Ditches Blocked

Peatland Being Restored



Woodland, Blanket Bog and Upland Heath restoration

Bwlch Corog


The wildwood site – description, surveys, plans