Crowdfunder Success

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All of us on the team at the Cambrian Wildwood project have been touched by the outstanding response to our Crowdfunder appeal, raising £2,625 on our target of £2,000. While much of this money was accounted for on costs which are absolutely critical in achieving a land purchase, the remainder is also being put to good use, for example paying for our fabulous new logo and putting on events – all with the overriding aim of buying land for the rewilding project. Every donation has made a difference in achieving this result, and will enable the charity to continue its programme to restore the wildwood and bring back much of the missing wildlife to this part of Wales on behalf of all our supporters and everyone who is inspired by wild nature.


We are pleased to announce that Wales Wild Land Foundation in collaboration with Aberystwyth University is presenting a talk by our Patron, George Monbiot. The talk will be on ‘Rewilding Britain’.

It will take place at 7.00pm on Friday 9th May in Lecture Theatre T1 in the Elystan Morgan Building on the Llanbadarn Campus of Aberystwyth University. Admission will be free of charge. Donations to Cambrian Wildwood will be welcomed.


On Saturday 17th May we will be holding an evening of entertainment to celebrate the launch of the Cambrian Wildwood project. The event will start at 6.00pm and take place at the Y Morlan Centre in Aberystwyth.

The evening will include the following attractions:

Peter Taylor – one of the pioneers of the rewilding movement in Britain, author of ‘Beyond Conservation: a wildland strategy’, and a founding trustee of Wales Wild Land Foundation – will give a talk on The End of Conservation – Rewilding as a step toward a more creative relationship with nature.

  • Milly Jackdaw – storyteller
  • Ailsa Mair Hughes – musician
  • Jez Danks – musician and storyteller

Master of Ceremonies will be Sue Jones-Davies, President of Wales Wild Land Foundation, actor and former mayor of Aberystwyth. Food will be available for purchase. Admission will be free of charge. Donations to Cambrian Wildwood will be welcomed.


The launch of the Cambrian Wildwood project initiates our quest for Wildwood Founders. We need to raise £1 million to secure 750 acres of land which will become the core area for the project. You are invited to become a Founder of the Cambrian Wildwood, by donating at least £300 towards the land purchase. Founders will receive a certificate, be kept informed of progress via email newsletters, and be named on the Founders list.

Please go to to donate. Every penny donated will go directly on land purchase.

The Welsh Beaver Project has adapted the proposed re-introduction of beaver to the Rheidol catchment. The proposal now is to release beaver in the upper catchment and in the lake at Nant y Arian. This has addressed the concerns of the anglers who were worried about changes to the only spawning bed for trout and salmon in the Rheidol catchment. The plan seems to have the support of the Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales.


We will be working in partnership with Natural Resources Wales and Aberystwyth Anglers this year to tackle Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed in the Ystwyth and Rheidol catchments. The work is being coordinated by Natural Resources Wales. The Knotweed is being controlled by volunteers from Aberystwyth Anglers, which requires the use of herbicide to kill the knotweed. We will be controlling the Balsam simply by pulling up the plants by hand.

The Balsam is detrimental to the environment as it suppresses the native flora: as well as the resulting loss of biodiversity, it leaves the river banks bare of vegetation for much of the year, and therefore vulnerable to bank erosion.

We have set the following volunteer work days:

  • 22nd June, Ystwyth at Llanilar.
  • 13th July, Rheidol on the Melindwr tributary at Capel Bangor.
  • 10th August, ditto.
  • 7th September, ditto.

If you would like to join in any of these work days, please get in touch via to find out more details of the arrangements.

With best wishes from the wildwood team,
Mat, Peter, Nicola, Rhun, Milly, Dom, Sophie, Simon.