Crowdfunding Progress

by | Dec 16, 2015 | News | 0 comments

Wood Pasture Bwlch Corog

Many thanks to those of you who have donated to our crowdfunding appeal. It is going well, but we need more donations to reach our target for project costs for a whole year. Can you help us by sharing on your networks?

The good news is, we have surpassed the £2,500 mark which enables us to keep using the Global Giving service with their fundraising support. But we need more donations to reach the target we have set ourselves. Now that we have been donated a free office (see Free Office Space article), we are looking at a donation total of around £35,000. This looks ambitious, but it is achievable, and we have until next Monday 21 December to achieve it.

The charity needs to buy land if we are to see any real progress on the ground with the project (see Cambrian Wildwood meets Natural Resources Wales article). To raise money for land purchase is a major undertaking. Thanks to the generosity of the Founders and other Supporters so far we have £20,000 towards the land. It is now time for a paid professional to take this fundraising work forward and find the rest of the money needed, about £300,000. This is what the crowdfunding appeal is for.

If each person reading this donates just £5, it will put us ahead of the other charities in the Global Giving challenge for the number of donors, and give us a prize of £500 to add to our total. If each person can get just 3 more people to donate £5, we will be ahead in amount donated, worth another prize of £1,500. And if we raise somewhere near our target, Waterloo Foundation will add £8,000. Together we can make a most ambitious and inspiring nature project happen right here in the heart of Wales.