Wild Activities: Adventures in Nature

Welcome to our activities page. Each month we will post a seasonal activity to hopefully inspire you to go outdoors and connect with nature. Some of these activities will be aimed at children and families while others will be more appropriate for adults, but we hope that whatever your age or stage you will find ideas here that take you on an adventure in nature.


Ice Pictures

Here in Wales, January often brings our first fall of winter snow and the temperatures dive overnight, barely rising above freezing level the following day. This creates the perfect environment for making ice pictures. For this project you will need to wrap up warmly and go for a walk in your local woods or park, taking a bag for storing and carrying the natural materials you collect. When out on your walk remember to look around you for signs of winter: birds gorging on the last of the berries; tracks and trails of mammals and birds in the snow and leafless trees silhouetted against the winter sunset, their branches black lace-like against the sky. If going on a walk as a family, remember to pack a flask of hot chocolate to encourage any young stragglers!

You will need:
A variety of natural materials collected from the woodland floor or along the hedgerow on your walk e.g. holly berries, alder cones, the last of the autumn leaves, fir or spruce needles etc.
Old, empty plastic containers (e.g. margarine or ice-cream tubs) or plastic/metal plates
String or wool

What to do:
1. Arrange your natural materials on the plate or at the bottom of the recycled container.
2. Fill the plate or container with enough water to cover the natural materials.
3. Cut a length of string or wool and make a loop out of it, tying the ends together and laying it on the side of the plate or tub with the knotted ends in the water and the loop hanging out (this will be used to hang your ice picture).
4. Leave the plate or container outside overnight for the water to freeze.*
5. The following morning, release your frozen ‘picture’ from the container (you may need to use a little hot water around the edges to help with this process). Using the string loop, hang it outside on a branch or fence. If you make several, they look beautiful together hanging on a tree.
*If the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing point overnight, you can put your containers in the freezer overnight.

We would love to see your ice pictures. Please send us a photo to post@cambrianwildwood and we will post some of them on our social media.


Although the shortest month of the year, February can often feel never-ending as the long, dark days of winter take their toll. This month’s activity encourages us to use all of our senses outdoors, find beauty in nature and feel alive once more, ready for the spring.

This is an activity for both adults and children. Scroll to the bottom for a printable PDF version for children where they can tick the boxes as they go. 

Winter Sensory Scavenger Hunt
Instead of the traditional scavenger hunt which encourages us to look for and collect natural objects, this scavenger hunt encourages us to capture experiences in nature through our senses. So, wrap up according to the weather and enjoy a mindful walk in nature, using your senses to collect the following experiences/sensations.

a) Fresh air b) Gorse flowers
c) Wet leaves d) Pine needles crushed between your fingertips
Look for:
a) Catkins b) Animal/bird tracks in mud or snow
c) Pause for a few minutes to watch clouds moving across the sky
d) Trace with your eyes the silhouette of a bare tree against the sky
Listen to:
a) A robin singing b) Creaking trees/branches
c) Water flowing d) The wind
a) A cold, smooth stone b) The bark of different trees
c) Soft moss d) Feel the wind in your hair or against your face
Raindrops or snowflakes on your tongue.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt PDF