Old Oak at Bwlch Corog


Derw. Duir. Quercus.

Oak trees provide habitat for over 500 species of invertebrates, birds and animals as well as hosting mosses, lichens, ferns and vines and it is the largest and longest lived of all our native trees, sometimes reaching up to 900 years old. 300 years to mature, 300 years as a mature tree and 300 years to decay. An oak tree begins to produce acorns at 45 years old, the ripened acorns feeding pigs/boar, deer, squirrels and jays.

Oak has many mythological associations. Merlin is said to have worked enchantments in groves of oaks using the topmost branch as his wand. A great oak named Merlin’s Oak stood near Carmarthen (Caerfyrddin = Merlin’s Field) and it was foretold ‘when Merlin’s Oak shall tumble down, then will fall Carmarthen town.’ Kings Arthur’s table is said to have been fashioned from a single slice of an enormous oak tree and his coffin was carved from an oak tree. Robin Hood lived among the oaks of Sherwood forest and held meetings in the great hollow of a particularly old oak tree which still stands to this day and is known as the Major Oak. It is 64 feet in girth and can hold 34 children inside.

We are fortunate to have an area of extremely healthy ancient woodland at Bwlch Corog. These magnificent, predominantly sessile oaks, some of which are veteran trees, are a rarity in the Welsh landscape and add much to the ecology and beauty of the site.

Status at Cambrian Wildwood: Present